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Sending Frequencies to the Multitudes One Artist at a Time

One of Lourenco's favourite quotes comes from Paul Claudel...

Order is the pleasure of reason, disorder the delight of imagination.

Copyright 2015 by Lourenco Lomelino. All rights reserved.


The Snails/Les Escargots

by René Laloux and Roland Topor, 1965


This charming animated tale is both tragic and comedic.

Watch as the farmer struggles to overcome the challenges to growing his crop,

only to discover new adversity awaiting him.

The dramatic scenes and colors are what caught my attention. It's got that innocent music with a dark topic of destruction. So perfect. -- Estonolodigo

The Children Lose Their Minds
Pencil/Sharpie on watercolor paper, 8x12"


by Estonolodigo


Theme inspired by René Laloux, Les Escargots (1965)
Title inspired by Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, A Childrens Crusade On Acid (2008)

We featured the work of Estonolodigo (Ariana Adan) in the past on ReDux. A new work from her led us to this month's Featured Video.


The Children Lose Their Minds was inspired by her newly found appreciation for the work of Rene Laloux, co-creator of Les Escargots/The Snails.


His work has been an interest of mine lately, said Estonolodigo. Another of his films (Fantastic Planet) inspired the blues used for the rabbits in my drawing.

Copyright 2015. Estonolodigo. All rights reserved.

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To purchase or preview past print issues, click on the image or month/year of publication. Digital issues also available.

Phillipe, a portrait by French photographer Jerome Barbosa, is featured on the cover of our Winter 2012 edition. It features a collaboration between Jerome and author Sharon Sapar Malenfant about the "Workshop of Not-Doing" at a French psychiatric hospital. The workshop was established almost 30 years ago by artist/nurse Christian Sabas.


Also featured are surrealistic-inspired collages by Portuguese artist Eduardo Cardoso, poems and writings of American author Jack Saunders, and drawings by Finnish artist Carina Granlund.


La Lectrice, one of the photographs from the Metro Series by French photographer Stephane Burlot was featured on the fourth ReDux cover.


This issue highlights the extraordinary work of French photographer Stephane Burlot, recent surrealistic collages by Matthew Rose, two flash fiction stories by Jim Harrington and David Stafford, and a short story of loss and remembrance by St. Louis writer and painter Reid Norris.


Grandfather and His Dog by Hungarian photographer Peter Nagy was featured on the third cover of ReDux. In this issue, we featured the extraordinary work of four artists.


Well known American artist Michael Byron's work includes a new piece for the printed page, The Ladder of Fortune narrated by Jeff Bridges, and collages made during a recent trip to India. 


Provocative, poignant and humorous, Sarah Cavallaro uses her poetry to describe what it means to be a Baby Boomer in an ever-changing American culture.


From Hungary, Peter Nagy gives us a view into a rural way of life that many of us do not have the opportunity to experience. His stunning black and white portraits are direct and honest, evoking a true sense of our shared humanity.


The beautiful paintings of Chinese artist Liu Chen Yang reveal the attitudes of young women in China as they try to find their place in a society that evolves day by day, often at a bewildering pace.


I slept in the desert of your eyes and then dreamed a tsunami is a silkscreen print by Chinese artist Yvonette z which was featured on the cover of the second print issue of ReDux.


The issue featured printmaking by Yvonette.z (China), iPhoneography by Charles Farrell (USA), and an excerpt from my monk - A Typographic Novel by Elizabeth Dembrowsky (USA).


Inside front cover poem Learning to Melt by Robert Keegan Walker (UK).


A perfect place where we can run and hide, a digital painting by French artist Yannick Dangin Leconte featured on the cover of the first issue of ReDux in print.


Our first issue featured portraits by Yannick Dangin Leconte (France), four poems by Robert Keegan Walker (U.K.), and a photo essay of the Burning Man Festival 2008 by photographer Amy Palmer (USA).


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Summer 2012 Anthology featuring selected works from the first four issues.

"Doomed Building" by artist Eddy Bergmann in the Autumn 2014 edition of ReDux.

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